Why Taxi Advertising?
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Why Taxi Advertising?

Why Taxi Advertising?

How will taxi advertising help to build your brand?

As a stand-alone advertising platform or as part of an integrated campaign, taxi advertising can take your brand almost anywhere. Taxis are used and seen by the town’s decision makers, shoppers with money to spend and visitors hungry for new experiences and adventures. By advertising on one or more of our taxi, you can influence the buying habits of a lucrative and invaluable public.

We have up to 50 taxis operating in the town at any one time and advertising on these taxis works in two distinctly different ways.

Advertising Inside Taxis

Inside the passenger compartment, the profile of your audience is more specific. Passengers are affluent and successful – elite and highly sought after consumers, business influencers and decision makers. With an average journey time of 10 minutes, an uncluttered environment and a captive audience, you can deliver more detailed and specific brand messages inside the taxi.

A taxi will position your brand in the headlights of the most highly prized audiences imaginable. With a comprehensive range of interior and exterior ad formats and packages available, your taxi campaign can be tailored to suit virtually any brand, marketing strategy or budget.